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Pillow Menu

Medium and firm hypoallergenic fiber pillows have been provided in every guest room for overall comfort. In addition, for your personalized comfort, we offer several varieties of pillow materials and firmness.

Hypoallergenic Micro Fiber (Polyester)
Soft and non-allergenic pillow for sensitive sleepers.
Down (Feather)
Luxurious softness which conforms to shapes as you desire. (Soft, Medium and Firm)
Anti-Snore Pillow (Memory Foam)
Originally designed for NASA, soft texture and superb resilience combine for a very relaxing sleep.
Soba Pillow (Japanese Buckwheat)
Conforms to the exact contours of your head, neck and shoulder, while keeping your head cool
Body Pillow
Relaxes your hip and back when sleeping on your side. Body pillow helps in proper circulation, proper spinal alignment and muscular relaxation. Please contact The Service Center by dialing ‘0” from your room to request your most desirable pillow.